Read Azure docs always in en-us instead of local language

Searching in Google for Azure related stuff results in a lot of links to local language specific content. For example in my case the url always contains nl-nl. Despite the language configuration in Chrome is English I always get results in Dutch. This is very annoying and can be solved using Chrome Extension Requestly.

The problem

After searching for Azure AKS in Google this are the results in my case:
(note that all links contain nl-nl in url)


Azure docs has some functionality build in to read the content in English with 1 click. Unfortunately, the rest of the page, like the menu, is still in Dutch.


Besides the Azure Docs there are also other azure pages like where also the blogs are located:

What I would really like is that I never get the Dutch content and that I’m always redirected to the en-us content instead.

The solution

To always be redirected to the en-us page is possible using Google Chrome Extension Requestly. Requestly is free till 3 rules. So this is fine for this situation.

After installing this extension click on the icon and click on Open app:


Click on Rules and click the green New Rule button on top of the page. Then add Replace Host rule.

new rule

Configure the rule like this: (change the replace to a value appropriate for you)


Save the rule and from now on the nl-nl will always be replaced with en-us. Not only the Azure docs but all Microsoft related pages like the services and blogs are shown in the en-us locale.





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