Collection of handy Azure CLI and Bash scripts

More and more people are using the Azure CLI to provision resources on Azure. Since my blogpost about the Azure CLI, I received so many reactions of people who are using the Azure CLI now. It’s readable, easy and is idempotent. Sometimes you want to use the more advanced syntax. This blog post is a collection of Azure CLI Commands and bash scripts that took me more time then I wanted and collect them so it doesn’t take you that much time (and me as well, next time ­čÖé ). I will add to this blogpost if necessary.

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Stop using ARM templates! Use the Azure CLI instead

I was a big fan of ARM templates: for many years I’m applying ARM templates on a large number of projects for all kinds of customers. I’ve written articles and blog posts about ARM templates. Have given many workshops and started collecting ARM templates used in enterprises ready for production.┬á I’ve written the Best practices with ARM Templates article┬átogether with my colleague Peter Groenewegen, which is the most visited blog post of Xpirit and it’s also published by Microsoft. It’s clear I was a big fan of ARM templates. But times are changing.

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